NCDC History

The Northwest Corridor Development Corporation has been central to the natural synergy of transportation and trade from its early roots. The idea of such a corporation was initiated in 1996 by way of an inter-provincial conference addressing serious northern transportation challenges. Conference proceedings led to a 1997 federal study on transportation and trade potential.

One of the study's top recommendations was to implement a self-sustaining organization to promote Canadian trade potential through a northern route and from Asia-Pacific markets. The 1997 study went on to say facilitating greater awareness of trade benefits from using the north as well as south transportation corridors in Western Canada needed to be undertaken, heading into the new millennium.

The Northwest Corridor Development Corporation (NCDC) was officially established as a federal not-for-profit organization in 1998 to raise awareness of Canada’s underutilized northern transportation corridor. From this beginning, the Northwest Corridor Development Corporation (NCDC) grew into an organization of organizations, both private and public. NCDC Membership grew to include utilities, transportation companies, manufacturers, labour groups and all three levels of government, many of whom remain as active members today.